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VIP Daycare Centers

Thanks for caring for me and teaching me. Love ~ Ethan J.  
Thank you Ms. Gladys for everything, for your patience, for your love and for caring.  I am going to miss you when I go to kindergarten but what I learned from you and the VIP will stay with me. Love ~ Elie C.  
Thank you for your time & diligence you have bestowed upon the children this year.  This is just a small token to thank you for your goodness.  Enjoy the goodies & God bless you ~ Breyanna  B & Family  
Today it is not an option weather both parents work; therefore, day care is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity.  In todays world, grandparents or sitters alone, just can't offer the level of pre-school preparation you and your staff provide on a daily basis.  We are very thankful for this loving and safe educational environment, as we know firsthand how much Jake has benefitted from VIP since day one.   
Under your loving guidance, the children receive a first-rate education and acquire much-need social skills, leaving them well-equipped to take the next important step in their young lives. 
Your uncanny ability to recognize an individual's learning curve and organize groups in a manner which encourages each child's growth, is the very definition of VIP.
Again, we would like to thank you and the wonderful staff at VIP for all of your hard work and dedication in the very challenging field of child care.  VIP provides children with the type of fun and loving learning environment that is crucial for nurturing children; a home away from home where children love to come so they can blossom into gifted little ladies and gentleman.  Sincerely ~ Annemarie Z. & family.