Registration Fee:             (Insurance Fees)   
$150.00 from Sept to June (SCHOOL SESSION)
$100.00 from June to Sept (10 week SUMMER SESSION)


Day Rates:  (prices include AM Snack, a dessert after lunch & 1% Milk and/or bottled water throughout the day)  
Full time   (between the hours of 7am to 6pm)

      View rates  -  Go to Our Centers and click on "Rates" for desired center. 

Following schedules are available: 
5 days                       
3 days                                          
2 days                                                     


1/2 day  (7:00 to 12:00 or 1:00 to 6:00 pm)
5 days  

Additional -  Full Day          Half Day 

 Books & Supplies:
 4 levels of Class-books (used all year round from September - September)
 Classroom books range from $30.00 to $45.00 depending on level
 V.I.P. Daycare Center provides all school supplies and materials

Children between 2 and 3.6 years on either Diapers or Pull-ups are accepted.  It is highly advised that ALL children wear Velcro Shoes/Sneaker.  Children on Pull-ups MUST wear Velcro footwear. 


In order to "Register" your child, the following is required:

  • Child's Birth Certificate
  • Parent's picture ID
  • Registration fee & 1st week's tuition(non-refundable)
  • Current proof of address(e.g. Utility, credit card, or insurance bill) 
  • Clear home picture of your child 
  • Current Medical form (NYC Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene - Dept. of Education - Child & Adolescent Health Examination form)


90-01 Rockaway Beach Blvd
Rockaway Beach, New York 11693
(718) 634-5678


132-45 Cross Bay Blvd
Ozone Park, New York 11417
(718) 641-6401


101-07 Woodhaven Blvd
Ozone Park, New York 11416
(718) 641-2345

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